How to access the MySQL database in the JBoss BPM suite process


I am newbie in JBoss BPM Suite. What i want to achieve, is to access my MySQL database through a business process. I have already added a datasource to my application server including the jdbc driver. What i tried to do was to connect to my db by a script task. Although i got an exception ClassNameNotFound for my driver class 'com.mysql.jdbc.Driver'. What is the right way to connect to the db? Is there a way to do this by a service task? Or a WorkItemHandler? Thanks in advance.

It is not recommended to execute any complicated logic (like accessing the database) in a script task. I would also assume that your application server does not put database drivers on the classpath of its applications since it is against the whole idea of datasources. You just need to make use of the datasource you have already configured.

When it comes to the right way how to connect to the database inside your process, you will need to implement your own work item handler where you can get your data from the database. There are many different ways how you can achieve this. You can find inspiration from JPAWorkItemHandler which will be available in version 7.