How should a web developer get a Facebook APP_ID to not use the same ID for different sites?


I found an old post, but one that does not solve my issue clearly. Enable Facebook comments on site without a Facebook app / app ID?

I'm a web developer I build pages and embed facebook plugins. Not all, but some (like facebook Comments ) plugins require you to chose an App to use its APP_ID.

Should a developer use his own account to create apps. Or create different account for each client? Facebook seems to require one of those.

Preferable way, would be to not add any APP_ID to plugin. But, is this possible? If yes, then how? What would be "good practice" to this problem?

Without using an App-id- you can't integrate these facebook social plugins.

The developer can use his own account for the app creation, then any time later he can add/remove administrator. So, before submitting to the client, just add the client as admin and remove yourself as the admin. See here how to do it-

But of course the client must have verified his/her account, else you'll not be able to add -

But dont worry not a big deal, just tell your client to go here and verify the account. Simple enough?