How much server space do I need for a Subversion repository?


I'm going to be getting some server space of arbitrary size, and be given ssh access to it to set up a subversion repository.

But, I have no idea how much space to ask for. For now, it's going to host my cms project so that my colleague can contribute to the code as well. But if it gets anywhere, we hope to expand on the system, possibly put many projects into the repo.

It'll contain php and other web-based codes, as well as several images. How much is a good amount of space without overdoing it? 20mb? 200mb?

Considering a typical web-project with a couple of images and PDF to download can have a size of 20MB by itself, you'll need more than that if you want to store the SVN history.

For instance, on my personnal SVN server, for a web-project (my blog, which is not that big), the SVN repository has a size of 181 MB -- and there are no more than 150 revisions or so (I've stopped using SVN for that project).

Another (smaller : almost no binary file like images, and the framework is linked via svn:externals) pet-project with about 100 revisions has a repository size of 49MB.

And yet another project (small website, only a couple of revisions, as it's a website I don't maintain anymore, and for which I just SVN my SVN server as a backup mecanism) has a repository size of 22M ; considering the project, anything smaller would seem odd...

So, for a decent project, several hundred MB will probably be necessary one day or another, especially if there are a couple of different developpers.