How many times will P0 print & ldquo; 0 & rdquo;


The following program consists of 3 concurrent processes and 3 binary semaphores The semaphore, are initialized as S0=1 S1=0 S2=0

Process P0:

wait (S0);
print '0';
release (S1);
release (S2);

Process P1:

release (S0);

Process P2:

release (S0);

How many times will process PO print '0"??

(A) At least twice (b) Exactly tWlce (c) Exactly thrice (d) Exactly once

in this I have a confusion that Process P1 and P2 as will execute once or they will continue after executing once as they are not having while loop like process P0, if they will execute once only then According to me the answer should be (b), and if they will execute again then the answer will be (A)

please help thanks in advance

Initially P0 will execute because only S0=1. It will print single 0.

Now when S1 and S2 are releases by P0 then any one of them can be executed.

Let us suppose P1 executes and releases S0(Now value of S0 is 1).

Now there are two possibilities either P0 or P2 can execute.

Let us take P2 executes and releases S0, so at the end P0 execute and print 0 (means two 0's) but if P0 executes before P2 then total of 3 0's will print(one at the time of P0 and then P2 which releases S0 so P0 executes again).

So the perfect answer is at least two 0's.