How many records / tables can I have in a 1gb database?


I'm thinking about buying a shared hosting provider, and then offer a 1GB MSSQL database with the package.

This may not be an exact science, but how many records/tables can I save in a 1GB database? I will be saving pure text (meaning: nvarchar, varchar, int, bool) and not binaries/blobs.

For this question, imagine around 20 tables, with 9 fields each. Not null on every field.

Is there some way to gauge and project how long this will hold me over before I need to upgrade to a more expensive package?

There is no real answer that tells you 'set amount' of 'records and/or tables' is the maximum that you can hold in a 1 GB MSSQL database, or when you'll reach that point. There are several factors to look at when estimating:

  1. What do you believe is the average row going to be taking up?
  2. Will you be using fixed or variable?
  3. How frequent is content going to be added and removed?

In the end, you're looking at (for example) a maximum amount of rows that could be < 400 000 rows or > 3 500 000, it all comes down to what you put in a single row and what types you're using. Once you have decided what a single row will be (give or take) and how many rows you're expecting to be added/frequency, you can determine how long you'll be able to go without upgrading to another database package.