How many records can store the Microsoft Access 2003 database?


I was wondering about it. I have to put more than 1,200,000 records into a access database for backing up. thanks for answering me.

The hard limit is the 2 Gb Access database file size. However as Tim states there may be a performance problem depending on the number of records.

However a hard-to-quantify limit may be the number of pages that Access can create. It may very well be that Access uses one page per record when inserting records. Now given that Access 2000/Jet 4.0 and newer has 4K page sizes there can only be at most 500,000 pages per 2 Gb database. (Roughly due to system overhead.) Now you might be able to get around this problem by ensuring you exclusively lock the Access database file as Access 2000/Jet 4.0 and newer might then insert multiple records on a page.

Added later: Now if you do a compact and repair this will place as many records in one page as possible. If you were to add all the records at once then you might have more problems. But if you cuold put in say 600K, compact and the rest this might get you more room.

However I would suggest looking at other alternatives with that volume of records.