How do you repair an HTML / Javascript web application?


I've built a web page using HTML and Javascript that acts like a desktop app. I'd like to distribute it to users in the methods they are most familiar with. For Windows users, I think this is an installable application or a "setup.exe" file.

My app, however, works perfectly in the browser. Specifically it can be opened in a javascript popup.

What is the best way to distribute this web app so that it can simply be "installed" on a windows machine? Maybe I use the open source Inno Setup tool to create a setup that somehow opens the browser. Will I need to write a small app that actually opens the browser?

Best thing about HTML & Javascript apps is that they are OS independent. Sharing the app in a zipped file seems best to me. Why would you want to take extra trouble to make an executable for different OS?

If you are specifically looking to do it that way, you could try out cherrypy & pyinstaller. I had done a small app with them once.