How do I use the break or continue in the loop in the Twig model?


I try to use a simple loop, in my real code this loop is more complex, and I need to break this iteration like:

{% for post in posts %}
    {% if == 10 %}
        {# break #}
    {% endif %}
    <h2>{{ post.heading }}</h2>
{% endfor %}

How can I use behavior of break or continue PHP control structures in Twig?

From docs TWIG docs:

Unlike in PHP, it's not possible to break or continue in a loop.

But still:

You can however filter the sequence during iteration which allows you to skip items.


{% for post in posts if < 10 %}
    <h2>{{ post.heading }}</h2>
{% endfor %}

You can even use own TWIG filters for more complexed conditions, like:

{% for post in posts|onlySuperPosts %}
    <h2>{{ post.heading }}</h2>
{% endfor %}