How do I set page margins for a Word document using apache poi?


I want to set page-margins for word document created using apache poi-3.9. I found it can be done using CTPageMar but CTPageMar is not being resolved. I am using apache poi-3.9

I tried this

CTSectPr sectPr = document.getDocument().getBody().addNewSectPr();
    CTPageMar pageMar = sectPr.addNewPgMar();

As far as I understand, the problem is not related to the provided code, it is connected with missing CTPageMar class.

The source of missing classes problem is clearly explained in Apache POI FAQ:

To use the new OOXML file formats, POI requires a jar containing the file format XSDs [...] You can download the jar by hand from the POI Maven Repository.

URL from FAQ is not working, but you can find required jar in central maven repo.