How do I run tox in a project that does not have


I would like to use tox to run my unittests in two virtualenvs, since my application has to support 2 different Python versions.

My problem is that tox requires a, but I have none since my application is not a module and has its own installer. For now I don't want to go through the hassle of automating the install process as to work with, I just want to run my unittests without having to write a

Is that possible? Or how can I write an "empty" that simply does nothing? Can you point me towards some documentation on the subject (the distutils documentation explains how to write a meaningful, not an empty one)?

After digging inside the source code, I found a scarcely documented option in tox.ini that skips sdist:

skipsdist = BOOL    # defaults to false

Setting this to True I got what I wanted, saving me the effort of writing a meaningful