How do I put subclasses of the same database in a list?


How can I put subclasses from the same baseclass into a list?

I´m working with ASP.NET MVC3 and have created a basemodel-class with properties like name, age and so on. Now i have created submodels (subclasses) with more details. To easily handle the subclasses i want a list with the objects in it but how?

I have read about interfaces or ICollection and so on but don´t know what´s the right choice and how to start :-(

Just create the list so it's of the base class:

List<BaseClass> myList = new List<BaseClass>();

then add your subclass objects as normal:

myList.Add(new SubClass1());
myList.Add(new SubClass2());

etc. where:

public class SubClass1 : BaseClass {}
public class SubClass2 : BaseClass {}

Then when you get them out you can use the is and as operators to determine what type they actually are and deal with them as appropriate.