How do I get and show the fields that are part of a table relationship?


I have a table TableB with a relation TableRel to another table TableA. This relation is defined as TableA.FieldA == TableB.FieldB

I know how to get the relation's name with class method DictTable.relation():

DictTable dt;

dt = new DictTable(tableNum(MyTable));
info(strFmt("%1" , dt.relation(i)));

Is it possible to get and show the fields of the relation?

In my case I am looking to find TableA.FieldA == TableB.FieldB. I don't know if a method exists to do this.

I assume you are trying to see the fields that make up the specified relation.

In order to do this, you use the DictRelation and DictField classes. Create a new DictRelation based on the table, and then use loadTableRelation() to specify the related table. Create new DictFields and use the DictRelation.lineExternTableValue() method to specify the specific fields:

DictRelation dr;
DictField   Field;
DictField   RelatedField;
int         RelationIndex = 1;

dr = new DictRelation(tableNum(InventDim));
info(strFmt("%1", tableId2name(dr.externTable())));

Field = new DictField(tableNum(InventDim), dr.lineTableValue(RelationIndex));
RelatedField = new DictField(tableNum(EcoResColor), dr.lineExternTableValue(RelationIndex));

info(strFmt("%1 related to %2",,;