How do I clear the Magento cache when using a Memcached server?


I've been running on a problem for about two weeks. I Have a magento which is configured to use a memcache server.

Recently, I got to change the server storing my magento application. I installed my new server, and just get my magento app up and running on the new server, with one change : I changed the database user and password used to connect to the database server. I changed from userold to usernew. This change takes place in my local.xml file.

But now, when I active the magento cache, Magento tries to connect to my database with the old username : userold. I've tried all things :

rm -fR var/
/etc/init.d/memcache restart
killall memcached
reboot the entire server running memcached!

I still have my cache problem ! I can't get my

Where does this "userold" value is fuc*** stored ?

Any help would really be appreciated ! :)


telnet into the memcache instance and issue a flush_all command. Restarting the memcache server should have already flushed it, but sometimes its worth a try...