How can I use this ArcMenu library in my project when it does not have the compilation gradle in use?


I would like to use this ArcMenu view in my project:

Normally, I copy and paste the compile 'com.example.library' into my build.gradle file. This library doesn't have something like this under the usage.

The usage is confusing to me:

$ android update project --library ../relative/path/to/the/library --path .

How am I supposed to include and use this library in this situation? Do I have to figure out the compile 'com.example.library' myself?

Sorry for my ignorance. I don't know much about gradle and I'm new to working with it. I appreciate any help! :)

Short Version : Simply import the library folder as a module in your project and add as a dependency via the project structure option.

Long Version :

  • Put this under your build.gradle for the app

     dependencies {
       compile project(':library')

    or Goto

    Project Structure > app > Dependency Tab> Click on + to add module dependency > choose library


As per your comment build.gradle should be looking like this

Which is that the compileSdkVersion is set to 4 where as it should be set to whatever you have in your app, in my case its 23 . Also update the buildToolsVersion.

Update the build.gradle of the library module as below

Working demonstration app on github.