How can I use IndexOf to choose a specific character when there is more than one?


How can I use IndexOf with SubString to pick a specific Character when there are more than one of them? Here's my issue. I want to take the path "C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\Temp\" and remove the "Temp\" part. Leaving just "C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\" I have solved my problem with the code below but this assumes that the "Temp" folder is actually called "Temp". Is there a better way? Thanks

if (Path.GetTempPath() != null) // Is it there?{
tempDir = Path.GetTempPath(); //Make a string out of it.
int iLastPos = tempDir.LastIndexOf(@"\");
if (Directory.Exists(tempDir) && iLastPos > tempDir.IndexOf(@"\"))
    // Take the position of the last "/" and subtract 4.
    // 4 is the lenghth of the word "temp".
    tempDir = tempDir.Substring(0, iLastPos - 4);

The better way is to use Directory.GetParent() or DirectoryInfo.Parent:

using System;
using System.IO;

class Test
    static void Main()
        string path = @"C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\Temp\";
        DirectoryInfo dir = new DirectoryInfo(path);
        DirectoryInfo parent = dir.Parent;

(Note that Directory.GetParent(path) just gives you the Temp directory, as it doesn't understand that the path is already meant to be a directory.)

If you really wanted to use LastIndexOf though, use the overload which allows you to specify the start location.