How can I see all the rules of Fortify Secure Coding Rules?


I want to see the specific rules of Fortify Secure Coding Rules (the rules that Fortify uses by default), because I want to write a report about all rules that are used by Fortify:

  • I have tried to see them in C:\Program Files\Fortify Software\HP Fortify v3.60\Core\config\rules but I have found .bin files and I can't see them.
  • I also have opened AuditWorkbench and in Security Content Management I can't see them either.

Is there any way to see them?? Thanks for your help.

Short of becoming a Software Engineer at HP Fortify, No. The default rules are considered Intellectual Property of HP Fortify and no one outside Engineering has access to them.

What problem are you trying to solve by this report?