How can I see all the methods / members of a COM object?


I'm trying to get QuickTest.Application and QuickTest.RunResultsOptions COM objects, but when I access them this way, I don't get all the members that are listed in the official Help files.

PS> $app = New-Object -ComObject QuickTest.Application -Strict
PS> $app | Get-Member

For example, I know that Launch() exists and can use it from a vbscript.

Dim app
Set app = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")


In addition, PowerShell won't cast COM objects to their interfaces, which makes a bunch of methods invisible on some of the COM APIs I use. I actually have a COMObjects.Types.ps1xml file which I import in my profile:

Update-TypeData   -PrependPath "(Split-Path $Profile)\COMObject.Types.ps1xml"

The actual types.ps1xml file is on PoshCode, and it adds GetProperty/SetProperty/InvokeMethod members to COM objects for exactly this reason: accessing members that aren't visible to Powershell