How can I see all the information about my Titanium and Alloy installation in the console?


How can I log all system information about Titanium and Alloy configuration and all other information about the current build, version numbers etc?

I'm looking for something similar to PHP's phpinfo.

You can log it using the methods mentioned from @daniula and @Wahhas_mirza. But you can use the command line tools if needed to display information that relates to Alloy and Titanium.

If you open the Terminal Window, enter the keyword alloy, you will then see the usage for the command.


To view what version of alloy your project is using enter:

alloy -version

For Titanium related information use the keyword ti


which then displays the usage for:

 Titanium Command-Line Interface

As an example: ti info will display all relevant information that pertains to your Titanium setup

I hope this helps.