How can I see all the HTTP request in Rails


I have a Rails application but after some time of development/debugging I realized that it would be very helpful to be able to see the whole HTTP request in the logfiles - log/development.log, not just the parameters.

I also want to have a separate logfile based on user, not session.

Any ideas will be appreciated!


You can rapidly see the request.env in a view via:

  • VIEW: <%= request.env.inspect %>

If instead you want to log it in development log, from your controller:


Here you can see a reference for the Request object.

Rails automatically sets up logging to a file in the log/ directory using Logger from the Ruby Standard Library. The logfile will be named corresponding to your environment, e.g. log/development.log.

To log a message from either a controller or a model, access the Rails logger instance with the logger method:

class YourController < ActionController::Base
  def index request.env

About the user, what are you using to authenticate It?