How can I prevent the & ldquo; Attempt to get the view from an adapter in the TextDocDataAvailable state & rdquo; fail in Visual Studio 2013?


When I search my solution, and the main form (frmMain.cs) is within the search results, 2-clicking the line from the "Find Results" pane which should take me to the frmMain.cs file, I often just see a blank (albeit grayed out, not black) window in the IDE. If I then click on that grey foggy nothingness, it tells me, "Attempting to get the view from an adapter in state TextDocDataAvailable"

Closing VS and reopening it solves the issue temporarily (I can then 2-click the frmMain.cs file and view it normally), but is there a way to prevent this revoltin' development from happening at all?

Note: I can also, when this occurs, 2-click frmMain.cs in the Solution Explorer; this makes the "visual" part of the form visible in the IDE; I can then right-click and select "View Code" and it works. Odd, though...

This happened to me when I edited User/AppData/Roaming/Nuget/Nuget.config while Visual Studio was open. Having done that, attempts tp close Visual Studio or open the NuGet Extension Manage resulted in this error dialog. I resolved by killing the devenv.exe process, and restarting Visual Studio.