How can I fix this warning? CoreSimulator tries to unload a CoreSimulatorService job


I have a warning in my build log in teamcity. I've updated Xcode on my CI-Server from 7.3.1 to 8. The step run successfully but I have this:

[Step 3/3] Starting: /Users/teamcity/local/teamcity-build-agent/temp/agentTmp/custom_scriptxxxxxxx
[Step 3/3] in directory: /Users/teamcity/local/teamcity-build-agent/work/yyyy
[Step 3/3] 2016-10-11 09:04:41.706 xcodebuild[18180:5010256] CoreSimulator is attempting to unload a stale CoreSimulatorService job.  Detected relocation or CoreSimulatorService version change.  Framework path (/Applications/Xcodes/ and version (303.8) does not match existing job path (/Applications/Xcodes/ and version (209.19).
[Step 3/3] 2016-10-11 09:04:41.961 xcodebuild[18180:5010256] Failed to locate a valid instance of CoreSimulatorService in the bootstrap.  Adding it now.

How can i fix this warning?

I had the same issue. I've to run both Xcode 7 (to build old version) and Xcode 8 (to build current develop branch) in my Jenkins server and I was having the issue all the time.


launchctl remove || true

This happens because, even if you quit the simulator app, the service is still running. The above command is needed to remove the service called The || true is to avoid failure when that service is not running.