How can I find all the R packages that include graphics functions?


I always have difficulty in finding all available alternative ways to produce a specific graph, either one that I have already decided to use (looking for different variations) or one that I have not yet thought of.

The R Graphical Manual site provides a complete list of samples of R's graphics functions, however it's easier for me to search providing a package name (how else -for example- can I get a resultset including superbarplot function, when I want to look for barplots?. Let alone that the superbarplot graph does not appear in the results even if I try searching for it's package: UsingR)

The R-SAS-SPSS Add-on Module Comparison - and especially on topic Graphics, Static in the table provided - gave me the idea that it would be nice to have a place where all relevant packages are listed by topic.

Do you have any idea about something like that?

If you're interested in learning about all the possible graphics you can make, you should learn about the grammar of graphics, and (my) implementation of it in R: ggplot2.