How can I create the url for my repository in TortoiseSVN?


I am sorry if my question seems utterly simple, but I have read a few beginner's guide on TortoiseSVN and still couldn't find what I want.

How can I create the url for my repository? Must I host a server of some sort?

Basically my colleague is using a program I have written, and I am constantly updating the source codes. We are currently using windows local folder/file sharing and it is very inconvenient (I can't modify the files while she is using them). TortoiseSVN can definitely solve the problem but I am not sure how can I obtain the url for my repository.

you need host a SVN server . you can install Visual SVN to create a SVN server. you can install this on the same machine as well.

you can also use different freemium online Source Control Management like github, bitbucket, TeamFoundationServer, assembler. These services use their own client github client and TFS client(comes integrated with Visual Studio).