How can I create and implement a free ssl certificate that does not issue warnings in a browser, but simply ensures secure communication?


That ensures safe communication being symbolized in the address bar.

I have an apache virtual server. I followed some tutorials but there is always this browser notification that it has to accept a certificate. And even after accepting the certificate, the page won't load. The php page itself is flawless, that's no source of error.

Share what one needs to know to create one's own certificates one can actually use, that means that raise no "accept certificate" or at least work after the certificate has been installed. I wouldn't write this here if the tutorials I came across so far weren't flawed.

As mentioned by Ken White in the comments, for commercial usage or deployments, a privately issues certificate will never be a safe certificate.

But, if you wish to use it for testing purposes, then you can try installing the "Private CA's and Roots" of your Private Certificate in the corresponding browsers. You should refer to browser help on how to do this.