How can I create a user registration form using datastore - google appengine?


I am very new to jsp and google appengine , but still I can do something if I get some basic idea , I wanna create an user registration form with fields like name, user id , password, confirm password, etc,. using google appengine datastore feature. and I wanna retrieve user information . Please help me ..

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the replies, I need to get some information from user and I want to store it in database, and I will use that information for my application. How can I do that?

Google App Engine provides you with Google Account authentication built-in so if your users have Google accounts you can authenticate them with your application. Once logged in your app has access to there email address (to send them messages) and you don't have to worry about building your own secure account creation and login system.

Google Users Tutorial (Java)

App Engine applications can authenticate users with Google Accounts. An application can detect whether the current user has signed in with a Google Account, and can redirect the user to the Google Accounts sign-in page to sign in or create a new account. While a user is signed in to the application, the app can access the user's email address. The app can also detect whether the current user is an administrator, making it easy to implement admin-only areas of the app.

There are also projects that let you use OpenID to authenticate users on Google Appengine: