How can I connect to an Android TV emulator (Mac OS) with React Native?


I've been messing around with React Native today. I've been running my react components on a virtual Android tablet using the Android Emulator. I'm now trying to run my react native code on an Android TV emulator, but I can't get it to work. I've set up the TV & Tablet emulators in near identical ways using the Android Virtual Device Manager within Android Studio. The main difference (beyond the obvious) as far as I can tell is that the CPU for the Tablet is x86_64, whereas the CPU for the TV is x86. I do not have the option to match these parameters for these two devices.

When I run react-native run-android, my react project builds successfully, but then the following screen shows up in my TV emulator.

Does anybody know what this is? Is there a proper way to connect a React Native app to an android TV emulator? My assumption was that it should be identical to the process for an android tablet emulator, but this does not seem to be the case - and I can't seem to find android TV specific information anywhere online.

Right now RN doesn't support android TV, they just recently supported apple TV but before that it was supported on ipad. So there must be some additional configurations needed between a tablet and tv. Here is more info on the subject: