How can I capture the blur and focus of the entire browser window?


I would like to capture the blur and focus of the actual browser window - meaning that change of focus to child frames is not of interest.

Currently I have been using $(top).focus() $(top).blur()

and $(window).focus() $(window).blur()

However, these fire when the user changes focus to embedded iframes, which I don't want.

Does anyone know of a way to capture TRUE activation and deactivation of the window?


Blur and focus events fire when a user moves from a web-page, to the web-page of an embedded iframe. This is different from 'window activation' events, which only fire when the actual BROWSER WINDOW (or tab) is brought to the front, or sent away (i.e, tab changed, or minimized).

I am not interested in blur, because the fact that the user has navigated to an embedded frame is of no consequence to the program. However, if the user minimizes the window, changes tabs, or switches to another program, I want to know about it...

you dont need jquery.
window.onblur and window.onfocus can solve your problem :)

    var timer = null;
    var has_switched = false;

    window.onblur = function(){
      timer = settimeout(changeitup, 2000);

    window.onfocus = function(){
      if(timer) cleartimeout(timer);

    function changeitup(){
        if( has_switched == false ){
            alert('the tab lost focus')
            has_switched = true;

The onblur property can be used to set the blur handler on the window, which is triggered when the window loses focus.