Hello World Program for Google Glass - Step by Step


I started reading stuff on Google Glass development one week ago, including this. However, I still could not find a tutorial to develop a "complete hello world program". What I meant by "complete" is; where to get the API, how to set up the API, how to write the hello world UI, how to write the code for the UI, how to install the emulator/simulator and test it. For an example, if you take a Java / Android / C++ / C# book, the first chapter is a hello world program, the "complete note" which explains how to develop it, step by step, making sure the new user is not in a mess. I went through the developer guide, and it is not what I am looking for.

Since I couldn't find anything, what I did is wrote the HTTP code in here, in the given small text box.

But I saw some people have developed code and tested it, so I would like to have "step-by-step guidance for writing Hello world for Google Glass". I am sure it will benefit a lot of new comers as well.

Please note that my favorite language is Java and Android, I do not have a Google Glass and I am not a registered "glass explorer" (as they have asked here) if it matters.

Please provide me step by step instructions / Link to step by step instructions for writing Hello world for Google Glass, because even after a one week of reading, I am totally empty handed, giving so much stress to my student life.

You say that your favorite language is Java and Android so I'm not sure if you are looking for a mirror-api solution or GDK solution. If you want a GDK solution I've created a hello world application and it can be downloaded here: https://github.com/DasCody/Hello-Glass