GWT Best practice for sending a huge amount of data from the server to the client


Which are the Best practices to send huge amount of data from server to client in GWT?

Right now we are facing performance issue in GWT 2.3.0.

Our server side is sending huge xml (Size in MB/GB) to client side, our client side parses that xml and using parsed data, list of beans are formed for populating data in Celltable grid.

We are filling 1k + / 10k+ records in CellTable grid.

Is there any effective way/ Best practices followed while dealing with such a huge data? If we parse the data at server side and formed the beans at server side, Is this good? or any alternative way..

Any help or guidance in this matter would be appreciated.

Basically you only request as much data (and a little more) than is currently viewed by the user, not the whole data set.

See Adding Paging Controls for further details.