Grails Mail Plugin does not install - try to repair in Config but still does not work


I need to install the mail plugin for grails. The console shows the following error:

Failed to install plugin [mail-1.0-SNAPSHOT]. Plugin has missing JAR dependencies.

I tryed to fix some things in the buildconfig.groovy according to guides to this problem I googled, but it keeps showing this error message above. Things I inserted into the buildconfig.groovy

dependencies {

    compile "javax.mail:mail:1.4.3"
    runtime "org.springframework:org.springframework.test:3.0.3.RELEASE"

    runtime( ':mail:1.0-SNAPSHOT' ) {
    excludes "spring-test"}


the plugin doesnt install (I tried to install it from the "run target" console. Can somebody help pleas? thanks a lot, Daniel

Can you trying installing version 0.9 ? I know that works for us.