Good alternatives to Sandcastle to generate MSDN documentation


I've been using Sandcastle for 2 years to generate the documentation for an open-source library. But now I'm looking for an alternative, because:

  1. Even when using Sandcastle Help File Builder, Sandcastle is too complex for my taste. Generating documentation should be as simple as clicking a button or menu in Visual Studio.
  2. The project doesn't seem to be maintained anymore; the latest version was released in June 2010, and there doesn't seem to be anyone still working on it. Bugs are not fixed anymore, which is a big issue for me (my library makes heavy use of extension methods, and this bug messes up everything)
  3. Since it will be an open-source project, commercial products such as VSdocman and Document! X are out of the question for me.

There are already several similar questions on SO, but they're all quite old, and the suggested alternatives don't fit my needs. NDoc was pretty good, but it's not maintained anymore and doesn't support recent features (extension methods, attached properties...). I don't like the style of the documentation produced by Docu and Doxygen, I'm looking for a tool that produces MSDN-style documentation.

So, is there any other tool I could use? Or am I stuck with Sandcastle?

There are several commercial products capable of this, such as

But personally I think you may consider Monodoc,

It is still actively being used by Mono (MonoTouch/Mono for Android) so it won't end up like Sandcastle.