Give a name and declare the event handler of a button Created at run time with C # XamlReader


I am working on a project in C# and WPF that dynamically creates a grid layout that has some text, an image, and a button. I create many of these grids, and add them to a stack panel. I create this grid using the XamlReader.Create() function. Here is the whole code, and i apologize that the Xaml code is so long

string xaml = "<Grid Height='92' Margin='0,10,0,0' xmlns=''>"+
                "<LinearGradientBrush EndPoint='0.5,1' StartPoint='0.5,0'>"+
                    "<GradientStop Color='#FFACD7FF' Offset='0.172'/>"+
                    "<GradientStop Color='#FFACD7FF' Offset='0.508'/>"+
                    "<GradientStop Color='#FF69B5FF' Offset='0.996'/>"+
                    "<GradientStop Color='#FF79BEFB' Offset='0.017'/>"+
                    "<GradientStop Color='#FFACD7FF' Offset='0.877'/>"+
                "<RowDefinition Height='0.522*'/>"+
                "<RowDefinition Height='0.478*'/>"+
                "<ColumnDefinition Width='133'/>"+
                "<ColumnDefinition Width='73.5'/>"+
                "<ColumnDefinition Width='0.833*'/>"+
                "<ColumnDefinition Width='0.167*'/>"+
                "<ColumnDefinition Width='108.775'/>"+
            "<Image Source='stockHome.jpg' Margin='8' Grid.Column='4' Grid.RowSpan='2'/>"+
            "<TextBlock TextWrapping='Wrap' Text='Details: "+
            "' Margin='8' Grid.Column='2' HorizontalAlignment='Center'/>"+
            "<Button Content='View Full Description' Grid.Column='2' HorizontalAlignment='Center' Margin='4,8,0,8' Grid.Row='1' Width='134.667'/>"+
            "<Label Content='$"+
            "' Margin='8,8,0,0' FontSize='21.333' FontFamily='Segoe UI Semibold' HorizontalAlignment='Left' RenderTransformOrigin='0.53,1.474'/>"+
            "<Label Content='"+
            "' Margin='8,0,0,8' Grid.Row='1' HorizontalAlignment='Left' Width='117' FontSize='18.667'/>"+
            "<TextBlock Grid.Column='1' Margin='8,15,8,8' Grid.RowSpan='2' TextWrapping='Wrap'><Run Text='"+
            "'/><LineBreak/><Run Text='"+
            " Bed'/><LineBreak/><Run Text='"+
            " Bath'/><LineBreak/><Run Text='ID: "+
            "<Image Grid.Column='3' Margin='8,23.667,8,20.251' Grid.RowSpan='2' Source='HeartPop.png'/>"+

            // Load the panel
        StringReader stringReader = new StringReader(xaml);
        XmlReader xmlReader = XmlReader.Create(stringReader);
        Grid readerLoadGrid = (Grid)XamlReader.Load(xmlReader);

This has worked fine for me, and i thought this would be the correct way to generate a grid layout at runtime, but now that i need to name the button, and define an event handler, this falls apart. when i try to change the button description to

 <Button x:Name = 'houseButton' Click = 'descriptionButtonClick' ...

I get a XAMLParse exception. After reading about this, i am not so sure that you can declare these things in xaml at runtime. So now, I am very confused on how else to do this. I cant just change the name after i have created the grid, as it has no name to be called by. is there a way to access a child of a UIElement even if it has no name? or is there a way to declare the name in XAML at runtime and im just doing it wrong?

You can define the Grid on runtime like you can do it with most other controls. here is a page showing an example how:

than you'll be able to use button objects and access them using c# like:

Button myBtn = new Button(); Button.Click += new ....