GIT: Delete the commit halfway through the log, but keep all overruns


Hi I have a commit in my git repo which I want to remove, but I want to keep all other commit thereafter.

df5bf4b != 'Test' to =='Test'
c1f6f9f fixed occupations getJob to check if is empty
4e818fa added utility links partial to client template. Remove old utility links
f954acf Changes 'Site Map' link
276cd1f resolve conflict
db65577 Changes link
57f776e Changes corporate header 'Insights' link and underlines 'E-Briefings'
9f96c8f Changes link in the cookie banner for corporate sites
5b3d187 Moves 'Client' validation messages to JS alert box

I want to remove commit 9f96c8f but keep every commit below and above, is there a way I can do this??

Thanks in advance.

You can do a git rebase:

$ git rebase -i HEAD~8

This will launch your editor, and you can pick the commits you want.