Getting blockages in MySQL


We're very frustratingly getting deadlocks in MySQL. It isn't because of exceeding a lock timeout as the deadlocks happen instantly when they do happen. Here's the SQL code that is executing on 2 separate threads (with 2 separate connections from the connection pool) that produces a deadlock:

UPDATE Sequences SET Counter = LAST_INSERT_ID(Counter + 1) WHERE Sequence IS NULL

Sequences table has 2 columns: Sequence and Counter

The LAST_INSERT_ID allows us to retrieve this updated counter value as per MySQL's recommendation. That works perfect for us, but we get these deadlocks! Why are we getting them and how can we avoid them??

Thanks so much for any help with this.

EDIT: this is all in a transaction (required since I'm using Hibernate) and AUTO_INCREMENT doesn't make sense here. I should've been more clear. The Sequences table holds many sequences (in our case about 100 million of them). I need to increment a counter and retrieve that value. AUTO_INCREMENT plays no role in all of this, this has nothing to do with Ids or PRIMARY KEYs.

Wrap your sql statements in a transaction. If you aren't using a transaction you will get a race condition on LAST_INSERT_ID.

But really, you should have counter fields auto_increment, so you let mysql handle this.

Your third solution is to use LOCK_TABLES, to lock the sequence table so no other process can access it concurrently. This is the probably the slowest solution unless you are using INNODB.