Get values ​​from the Hidden text box


I've set MaskedTextBox's Mask to: "Fl\air H\al ###.## , something here: ####.##"

When user inputs the value final text looks something like this:

Flair Hal 987.67 , something here: 1234.12

What will be the best way to extract 976.67 and 1234.12 from the MaskedTextBox's Text. I am looking for a List which will have all the values of the mask (976.67, 1234.12).

There can be any number of masks in the mask string and the mask can be any valid mask.

I am thinking of first removing '\' from the Mask and then in a for loop keep comparing the Mask with the Text and detect changes and add them to the List. But this doesnt sound good to me and i think there probably is a better way of doing it.

There are four values of the mask in your example: 987, 67, 1234, 12. The fact that blocks separated by a . are treated as one is your own logic, so I think you will just have to write code to get the information yourself.

Have a look at the MaskedTextProvider property of the MaskedTextBox, and its EditPositions property. The EditPositions give you the positions within the Text that the user could enter.