Get the local file path of a PHAsset


I have a photo I want my user to be able to share on Instagram and I need to get the local file directory of the photo.

However I am fetching my images as a PHAsset (not the ALAsset all the other answers seem to cover on this subject).

Looking at the PHAsset documentation I don't see a 'local directory' variable.

Do you know how I can get the path to a photo from the users camera roll using the new ios8 Photo's framework?

Here is my code for loading the last image in the users photo roll

public func loadLastPhotoIntoGalleryIcon()
    if(PHPhotoLibrary.authorizationStatus() != PHAuthorizationStatus.Authorized)
    var fetchOptions:PHFetchOptions = PHFetchOptions()
    fetchOptions.sortDescriptors = [NSSortDescriptor(key: "creationDate", ascending: false)]
    var fetchResult:PHFetchResult = PHAsset.fetchAssetsWithMediaType(PHAssetMediaType.Image, options: fetchOptions)

    var lastAsset:PHAsset = fetchResult.firstObject as PHAsset

    var options:PHImageRequestOptions = PHImageRequestOptions()
    options.version = PHImageRequestOptionsVersion.Current
    PHImageManager.defaultManager().requestImageForAsset(lastAsset, targetSize: _view.getGalleryIconSize(), contentMode: PHImageContentMode.AspectFill, options: options)
        (result, objects) -> Void in


Use content editing input:

asset.requestContentEditingInputWithOptions(PHContentEditingInputRequestOptions()) { (input, _) in
    let url = input.fullSizeImageURL

Make sure that the asset is PHAssetMediaType.Image or otherwise it may crash when unpacking an optional.