Get the latest version of the TFS file, using Powershell


I am trying to "Get Latest Version" of a particular folder from TFS, using Powershell.

I have installed the TFS Snappin, and have been using TFS Power Tools cmdlets in PowerShell (such as Get-TfsChildItem and Select-TfsItem etc) [How do I set up TFS PowerShell Snapin ], and have gone through their documentation (which I didn't find explanatory enough!).

Confused, on the exact cmdlet to use, when I am trying to get the latest version of an entire Folder structure from TFS, that is mapped to my local drive (and not just a changeset or ChildItem).

Example : Tfs Path - $/APD-RepairSolutions/Main/Database

Mapped path - D:\TFS\APD-RepairSolutions/Main/Database.

I want a code, that would iteratively get the latest version of the entire folder Database,( that has number of tables,stored procedures etc.)

I am using ..

PS D:\Tfs\APD-RepairSolutions\Main\Database> $server=Get-TfsServer -Name http://tfs:8080/tfs

PS D:\Tfs\APD-RepairSolutions\Main\Database> Get-TfsChangeset -Recurse -Server $Server

Not helping my case - as it is only returning the latest changeset in the current directory.

To get latest (tf get) use Update-TfsWorkspace.

Get-TfsChangeset is the equivalent of tf changeset.