Get the dynamic property predicate by property name with queryDSL


I using Query DSL generated entity EntitySerializer in order to query JPA entities using QueryDSL (integrated with SpringData).

I’m receiving from the client property names and I want to create predicates for the properties that can be added (AND) to additional predicats.

I don’t know how to get from the EntitySerializer the predicate/Path that matches my property name. For example, let’s say we have a Person entity (with auto generated QPerson class) with a “name” property that I want to filter on (at the end I want to create a generic method). Here is the generic method:

Public Predicat getPredicatByPropertyName(String propertyName)  {
      QPerson p = QPerson.person;

To create a String typed property just use the following snippet

new StringPath(p, propertyName)

which can then be used like this to create a Predicate instance

new StringPath(p, propertyName).like("tom")