Get images from the PHP server to Android


I am prototyping an android application and need to get images from a web server to Android ListView. I understand the android side of things (although am yet to implement and test) via this thread Lazy load of images in ListView

I need help with the PHP/server side of it. The particular images that need to be populated in a list view will be decided dynamically (those images that have a given tag). I am new to web applications but have managed to set up a web server which can run PHP scripts.

1) Android decides which tags to retrieve. Makes an HTTP connection and calls a PHP script with the given tag as a parameter.

2) The PHP script looks up the MySQL database for the tag, decides the ids of images to upload, which are stored in a folder.

3) [Here is where I am unclear how to implement] The PHP sends these images followed by meta-data associated with each image. The number of records to send will not be fixed beforehand and will be decided by the number of records returned by MySQL (only maximum will be fixed).

I would greatly appreciate any sample scripts, and pointers to where I could find more information to better understand the inner working. Also, if there are better frameworks to do what I want to, I am happy to learn about that (I am not married to PHP/MySQL).

I guess you should use JSON to send data to your mobile device via HTTP connection. For low internet connect I don't prefer SOAP.

If you can not load images directly via HTTP URL you can send image data in JSON, and mime type as well and create image object through image data.