get an image with a graphic image


for one of my project i am using im4java library and send command through it to graphicsmagick.

to get image size :

identify -format \"%w,%h,\"  test.png

i can get size properly till the following result. this time stderr changes the result:

[wx=0.345750,  wy=0.358550,  rx=0.648500,  ry=0.330880
gx=0.321210,  gy=0.597870,  bx=0.155890,  by=0.066040
163, 70,
identify: Ignoring incorrect cHRM value when sRGB is also present ]

is there any way to get just image size and ignore stderr result?

thanks in advance

Do the following:

identify -format \"width=%w,height=%h,\" test.png

Then parse the result specifically looking for width=N and height=N