Generic questions about using Xcode


I have 3 general questions related to the usage of xCode. Any help would be greatly appreciated please:

  1. Whenever I open documentation, the left content/index column is always small and I have to drag it wider. Is there a way to permanently set its size?
  2. Is there a way to perform a wildcard search and replace e.g. I have 3 lines: var1Letter = @"A"; var2Letter = @"A"; var3Letter = @"A";

In the above I would like to replace var?letter in 1 go.

  1. How do I set the default SDK?


To do the wildcard search, use regular expressions and use \n in the replacement text.

I'm using Xcode 3.2, but I think that older versions use the same regular expression syntax. Use the Find… (cmd-F) command. Choose "Find & Replace" from the pop-up menu. Choose "Regular Expression" mode from the pop-up menu in the search text field. Enter "var(\d+)Letter" for the search text, and "var\1letter" for the replacement text.

The "\d+" syntax matches any sequence of one or more digits. The "\1" is replaced by the text matched by the first set of parentheses in the search text.