Generate a service / dao layer for GWT / Spring / Hibernate / PostgreSQL


We're developing a webapp using GWT 2.0(not to AppEngine), Spring and Hibernate and trying to jumpstart by auto-generating as much code as possible.

I've looked at spring roo vs appfuse generate service /dao layer. I tried appfuse but that did NOT work for me; Also, roo for GWT is not quite there yet since it's a Milestone release.

If a tool can generate the Service Layer and DAO layer for me, I should be able to do the actual business logic and UI wiring -- although it appears that if I'm willing to wait for another 6 months, the current 1.1M1 version of Roo can get me there, but I need to get something going right away.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks much

I haven't used it myself, but Firestorm/DAO looks promising...