From the list of tuples, find the tuple with the maximum value for a given index, where the rest of the tuplet is the same


From a list of tuples, I want to identify the tuples, which hav the maximum value for tuple[2] (i.e. the third value), but the same values otherwise

i.e. from

searchlist = [(a,b,2),(a,b,3),(a,b,4),(a,b,5),(x,y,2),(x,y,4)]

I want to find

result = [(a,b,5),(x,y,4)]

You might first sort your values, then you will be able to use groupby() to group values with the same two first elements. Finally, max() can retrieve the maximum value for each.

from itertools import groupby

a, b, x, y = "a", "b", "x", "y"
searchlist = [(a,b,2),(a,b,3),(a,b,4),(a,b,5),(x,y,2),(x,y,4)]

grouped = groupby(searchlist, key=lambda v: (v[0], v[1]))
maximums = [max(groups) for value, groups in grouped]

# [("a", "b", 5), ("x", "y", 4)]