Free Self-Renewable Subscription Test Does Not Work


I have been trying to add a free trial to my Auto-Renewable subscription in itunes connect. Currently I have added the duration of 1 month trial for a 1 month subscription, however in the app during the purchase flow there is no mention of the trial. Instead it gives the typical dialog "your subscription will start on ...."

Am I missing something? Do I need to enable free trials in a different manner? I have tried using a sandbox user to test in a dev build on a IAP that was not cleared for sale. I have also tried testing on a normal account with an IAP that is currently available and cleared for sale.

PS: please let me know if I should post this kind of question somewhere else.


We have an auto-Renewable subscription with free trial. You don't need anything else in addition.

Have you modified an existing already approved purchase or is it a new one? Try creating a new IAP, send it for approval and once cleared for sale test it with a sandbox user.