Free NHibernate help tools?


Are there any free tools to help simplify working with an NHibernate project in .NET 3.5? Primarily, I'm looking for some kind of code and config file generator to automate some of the more tedious parts of working with NHibernate.

Fluent-NHibernate presents an alternative way of writing your mapping, that for example is more refactor friendly than the standard XML approach.


public CustomerMap : ClassMap<Customer>
  public CustomerMap()
    Id(x => x.ID);
    Map(x => x.Name);
    Map(x => x.Credit);
    HasMany<Product>(x => x.Products)
    Component<Address>(x => x.Address, m =>
        m.Map(x => x.AddressLine1);
        m.Map(x => x.AddressLine2);
        m.Map(x => x.CityName);
        m.Map(x => x.CountryName);