Free Azure website with Python Django does not work


Since Azure now gives us 10 free website I thought I'd try my hand at something new in the form of Django.

I used jetbrains' PyCharm to create a new Django site. Created an empty site on Azure, added a MySQL database and set the connection string in the file. Then I ran the syncdb command which asked me all the right questions and created the tables. I fired up webmatrix told it to open a site based on a folder and gave it the path to the Django app. Now I don't know how to tell it to use python as the handler for web requests? Does anyone know if this is possible or not? The guides that are up on the azure site are for deploying to a virtual machine as opposed to the free website magic. I tried installing the templates from helicon tech ( but it kept failing on the helicon dependency. I figure it's because I'm using the Win 8 preview.

Judging by the stuff on the Windows tab for this page I don't suspect it's going to be likely, ah well wordpress it is then :(

Although there is always IronPython and MVC

Looks like it does support creating Django based projects under the free tier.

Windows Azure Web Sites provide limited free hosting and rapid deployment – and now you can use Python!