Form in the table


I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm taking web design. I taught myself HTML and basic CSS over the summer. This was beneficial because my web deign teacher knows nothing about HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. We have to create a personal website and she said I could do my church's site since I was already working on it.

She's making us use stuff from the book that's been covered in the class. The book is out of date. It teaches frames/framesets, table layouts, and talks about compatibility for the waring Netscape and Internet Explorer. (I'm doing a real website. No frames whatsoever.)

I need to include a table in my website, but I have no need for one. I decided to try to put a form inside of a table. I put my form inside of a <tr> tag, but its not displaying right.

If y'all have any better table ideas, then I'm all ears.

I guess putting a form into tr tag is not a valid HTML. What you need to do is something like this:

      <td>Put your form here</td>