@ font-face does not work with IE running on XP


Problem sample: http://www.osdev.org/squirrel/card.html

Problem sample2: http://www.osdev.org/squirrel/dejavusans-demo.html

I'm looking to use symbols from the Unicode 6 U+1F0A0–1F0FF range (Playind Card Block) http://unicode.org/charts/PDF/U1F0A0.pdf but even ascii ranged characters aren't rendered in the font and whatever font is being used on IE/XP doesn't have symbols for the playing card block.

Version 2.33 of DejaVu Sans added playing cards, the ttf font is available at http://dejavu-fonts.org/wiki/Main_Page.

  • I've tried every EOT generator I can find. The second sample is the demo page generated by http://www.fontsquirrel.com.
  • I've tried making IE only pages just in case the CSS font url wasn't being picked up correctly.
  • I've used FontForge on the original ttf to make all the family, unique names, etc match before running the font through eot generators.

If I install the ttf locally (in the Windows XP fonts folder) I can use css font-family without font-face to display the font in IE but I can't ask everyone to do that.

IE8 on Windows 7 seems to work but IE6, IE7, and IE8 on Windows XP all fail. It is like font-face just doesn't do anything on XP.

Any suggestions? I asked on the http://www.fontsquirrel.com forums first but haven't received any responses.

Edit: To clarify, IE on XP renders the playing cards as an empty square, the same "blank" symbol that is used when your system can't display any character.

Take a look of your server settings. I'm using Chrome on a Mac, so I cannot actually "see" your problem.

But I looked the content-type in your font file's Response-Headers. It's Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8. I think this is your problem.

You should change the settings of your server to make the response have the correct Content-Type. Or IE may think that the file is not a valid font file.

Try Google "font file content type" for more information.

And I think this will help you too. https://stackoverflow.com/a/10864297/1061004