Flash Player's Trusted File Does Not Work with Built-in Browser on Linux


I have an application which embeds a xulrunner based browser. I have to load some flash content in this browser. At certain points of time the flash changes my URL and Page Title to reflect the location in the flash file where I am at. This works fine in a firefox browser when I place my trust file at /etc/FlashPlayerTrust folder with entries for the directory and the swf file I want to trust.( according to the Flash security guide http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/flash_player_admin_guide/flash_player_admin_guide.pdf the global trust file should be at the same level as the directory which contains the mms.cfg file).

But when I load the flash content from my embedded browser the page title etc don't get updated. I have added my applications name also to the flash player trust file. I tried putting my content in a server and accessing it remotely and it works fine from my embedded browser. It is only when the flash content is present locally that URL and page title are not getting updated. This leads to me believe that the problem is with the flash player trust file. The contents of my trust file are as follows:





Here lv71 is the name of the application which has the embedded browser. I tried it with both the Global and User trust files and it doesn't work. Does anybody have any clue what might be going wrong and how I might be able to debug this.

Thanks jbsp72

For Android systems, the path is:


I had to manually create the "#Security/FlashPlayerTrust" part of the path.

The name, including the extension, of the file "yourfile" is irrelevant.

Here is an example line of its contents:


Update: Sigh, this trick does not work any more, at least on Android 2.2. with Flash Player