Fineuploader & ldquo; The file is empty & rdquo; error for each download above maxConnections


I am getting errors with uploading multiple files. If I set maxConnections to 1, file 2 and further fail. If I set maxConnections to 3, file 4 and further fail. The server response is "File is empty".

$(document).ready(function () {
var uploader = new qq.FineUploader({
    element: document.getElementById('fine-uploader'),
    maxConnections: 1,
    debug: true,
    request: {
        endpoint: './upload_bijlagebestanden.php?am_aid=' + document.getElementById("am_aid").value

I'm not seeing any issues like this. If you are seeing an unexpected server response, you will need to examine your server-side code. Fine Uploader simply sends the upload requests and waits for your server to respond after processing the file(s). Most likely, there is some issue with your server-side code or server-side environment. This is outside of the control and scope of Fine Uploader.